Hello, my name is Monica.

I kindly welcome you to Play Fun Learn Studios.

I’ve worked as a teacher and an educational psychologist in a handful of elementary schools for almost 27 years. Lately, I’ve been working with children in preschool.

I’ve always been motivated to make the best out of my teaching, by creating games or crafting didactic materials, in order to help children become protagonists of their own learning experience.

However, many things changed when the pandemic struck, and many educators like me were forced to adapt and find new ways and resources to continue teaching. I turned my attention towards designing and developing interactive digital games for children. It was in this moment that Play Fun Learn Studios was born.

I created this website two years ago in order to promote my games. But now, I’ve also thought of promoting books and writing weekly blog posts about my experience and some personal stories.

Until then, I bid you thank you and farewell.