Animal Farm Domino

Dominoes is one of the most popular games worldwide. Although usually played as a group, it can also be enjoyed individually.

This version has been specifically designed with pre schoolers in mind including farm animals as a way to engage children who haven’t started the process of learning to read numbers and count. This allows them to clearly distinguish each card.

The game showcases six animals: a cow, a rooster, a duck, a piggy horse and a lamb and the child is presented with the challenge of selecting and placing the correct card in the series.

In this app children will learn to:

      – Follow instructions and maintain concentration

      – Identify the cards and follow a sequence

      – Develop visuospatial abilities in relation to the animals’ location within the card and correctly choosing the following card in the sequence

      – Develop the ability to relate and associate

      – Exercise memorizing skills as the player needs to remember the dealt cards and choose the correct one

First level is designed to teach the child the game by choosing the correct card out of two. On the second and third level the child has to choose two correct cards to complete the series. The third level introduces the double cards and their correct position in the game. The fourth and fifth levels deals the player with six cards to play a domino game. The fifth level introduces a mystery card which makes the child identify the need to draw a card from the boneyard to continue playing.

This game has been designed by preschool teachers with ample teaching experience.